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    Creating Generational Wealth is an Atlanta-based company that was founded in 2020. The dream of the perfect brand was just a vision at that time, but now it has become reality. I knew I had to do something so I acted. At Creating Generational Wealth, we believe that it's a bigger picture than just you. We prioritize letting others know that it's not just about you, it's about the ones after you! The knowledge, the land, the stock, the ETF, the business, & the life insurance that you are possibly able to pass down from generation to generation and the legacy you will soon leave behind. Our vision is to inspire and bring awareness for everyone to know that it's about the ones after you and now it's your responsibility to create generational wealth not just for your kids but also for your kids-kids. We all have inherited some type of bad trait or toxic habit from our bloodline. We have to break those generational curses that may be holding us back from greatness & create even more positive habits and nourishing traits. The most important thing to remember when it comes to building generational wealth is that you need to start investing in your children as soon as possible. Focusing on their future now will help them develop the skills they need for a successful future, and then you can pass down some of those lessons and skills when they turn 18. Remember... if you didn't come from a rich family then a rich family MUST come from you.

    You are the martyr that your family has been waiting for.

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